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Our company working in the IT industry 10 years for now. We can take care from your small static hompage to a webshop or a business homepage for a company (hotels, service agencies..etc) to design and build the full homepage from the first moments till the end. And what more we’re here to help if you wish just add a few domains to Your company or help if You need some more space to Your pages! If You need a logo or some graphical elements, don’t hesitate to contact Us! If you have any questions  than Contact Us or as for an offer!

Our Services

Our slogan is:

  • Great!
  • Fast!
  •  AND Cheap!


Make you homepage with us and you can use it within 48 hours for only 79.990.- Ft  tól! Request an Offer!

Are you tired to find the perfect store to your homepage? Don’t worry! We’ll help you out!

What we do for you:

  • any kind of domain (.com .net..etc) registration
  • Web Storeage registration
  • Domain forwarding configuration
  • E-mail addresses registration, configuration (on your laptop as well if you wish!)
  • Help how to use these!
  • Moving a complete webpark!

Would you like to be more mentioned? More like, more customers? SEO is the word!

Search Engine Optimalization:

Vállaljuk honlapjának keresőbarátabbá tételét:

  • meta descriptions
  • Gate pages
  • meta tags
  • facebook campaigns
  • ad-word

If you need a complete webpage with logo, backgrounds and full design we’re your man!

  • Logo
  • Design
  • Backgrounds
  • Banners
  • Business cards

Do you need your homepage NOW?

We’re guarantee that your homepage will be half-ready within 24 hours!

What is a half-ready page:

  • Domain/storeage registration
  • Homepage main elements configuration
  • Logo upload
  • Menu system creating
  • creating of all the sub pages (without design)
  • Adding a Contact Us page(with infos and map and what more you wish!)
  • Facebook page creating/integration
  • Email addresses creating/configuration

All of theese for a 20% one time extra fee! (depend on your order) Do Not Miss It!

On Sale Packages!

  • Choose package

  • domain registration
  • Storage
  • Menusystem creating
  • Create sub-pages
  • Making webdesign
  • Create/Configure e-mail address
  • facebook/google+ integration
  • Webshop integration (optional)
  • ONLINE booking system
  • Pay with card
  • SEO
  • PageSpeed Optimalization
  • SSL
  • Logo design
  • Corporate identity design
  • Standard

  • 299

  • 750MB SSD
  • 10 db
  • Basic
  • /
  • WebShop

  • 499

  • 750MB SSD
  • 15
  • Extended
  • /
  • (PayPal)
  • Basic
  • Basic
  • Business

  • 999

  • 10GB SSD
  • Full
  • /
  • (PayPal)
  • Full
  • Full
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